Chapter 12 – Daniel’s Drinking and Violence Problem

Daniel has just finished his daily workout and sat cross-legged in front of the window, staring into the dark, at the lights dimming across from the windows of skyscrapers that were far, far away, too far from each other to offer a chance for humans that lived in them to ever encounter each other's eyes.... Continue Reading →

Can Your Heart Predict the Future?

There are many secrets to the human heart. As we advance in sophisticated technological research methods and innovative software we can start unveiling at least some of them. Heart - the vital organ of emotions has been a research topic in prominent studies but we are just in the last decade or so using new... Continue Reading →

How to Have a Good Day at Work

We all want to start the day on the high note, keep up the good energy throughout the day and avoid feeling exhausted when we take a look at the day behind.

And we definitely want to have sufficient energy to keep the rest of the day rolling out and pulsing vibrantly. Often, there is so much information on the topic of how to have a good day at work that it creates further unnecessary stress.

Instead of just be, stay in the moment and relax, we try to do more. Is this the best way to enjoying yourself at work?

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