Chapter 19 – “Stop Calling Me, Mom!”

Isaac remained present for the rest of Pixie's training. He felt that the main event minutia is left in good hands. Shark had control of the situation at "The Demure" while Pixie was deeply involved in Marshall's wisdom. Things were evolving according to the plan. * * * Charlene had a hard day at work.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 16 – Pixie Flourishes as Her Heart Grows Bigger

Pixie was one third into her training but was already feeling the fur on her back raising with a pleasant pull. The blood in her body tingled with the sweetest tiny tremors and her eyes started sparkling with a newly-found vigor. It was something she has never felt before.  Those wise healing words pierced through... Continue Reading →

Small Dog Syndrome: When Big Attitude in a Tiny Body Causes Trouble

If you have a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, or a Maltese, you may have noticed the weird behavior called small dog syndrome. Small dog syndrome (SDS) is about dogs with an attitude. Smaller breeds suffer from this syndrome which causes them to lose discipline, bark, jump on people, disobey orders, and cause all sorts of mayhem... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7 – Matias, The Argentinian Traitor Farmer

Matias wasn’t happy to find Squeal, Yelp, and Shark all sloppy and covered in mud. But he was pleased that he could leave the corgi alone with the pigs without finding its sharp teeth in the pigs’ necks.  As he would keep murmuring his usual set of warnings under his beard, he would turn his... Continue Reading →

Dog is Love: The Science-Backed Fact about Dogs We Have Intuitively Known Forever

Dogs are capable of unconditional love. Many of you know that without reading exhaustive science journals. It is intuitive awareness gathered in situations when you accidentally step on a dog’s paw, drowning in guilt only to see that your dog has forgiven your poor orientation skills before you have forgiven yourself. For most of us,... Continue Reading →

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