The Alpinist Dog Who Got Lucky After Being Stranded and Freezing for 24 Hours

There is an unspoken pact between humans and dogs: collaborate, cohabitate, and support each other. Many of us have opened their hearts and souls to understand this intuitively. Some are not there yet. But that’s not so important: what matters the most is not which side of awareness you are on, but the depth and... Continue Reading →

How to Understand Stray Dogs

Understanding stray dogs is not easy, mostly because we don’t understand dogs and animals in general. Another reason is that we don’t fully understand ourselves and view the world from an anthropocentric perspective. Rather than being helpful, our human-centered approach is often an obstacle to understanding stray dogs. Although we think we know a lot about the stray dog behavior, we have plenty to learn, at least when facts and figures come into consideration.

Small Dog Syndrome: When Big Attitude in a Tiny Body Causes Trouble

If you have a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, or a Maltese, you may have noticed the weird behavior called small dog syndrome. Small dog syndrome (SDS) is about dogs with an attitude. Smaller breeds suffer from this syndrome which causes them to lose discipline, bark, jump on people, disobey orders, and cause all sorts of mayhem... Continue Reading →

Dog is Love: The Science-Backed Fact about Dogs We Have Intuitively Known Forever

Dogs are capable of unconditional love. Many of you know that without reading exhaustive science journals. It is intuitive awareness gathered in situations when you accidentally step on a dog’s paw, drowning in guilt only to see that your dog has forgiven your poor orientation skills before you have forgiven yourself. For most of us,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4 – Demure, the Night Club with a Poorly Chosen Name

”Demure? What a weird name for a night club!”, thought Isaac. The club was dim-lit and painted in a mysterious violet nuance, but there was nothing bashful or demure about it. Isaac knew all too well about bouncers’ busy Friday nights. Or, better to say - mornings.

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