Chapter 15 – Third and Fourth Principle of Love

“But both of them are very different, Marshall. One is the black moon and the other is the golden sun. One is a wrecking ball, the other one is a dandelion in the wind. One is a forceful spring that makes its own riverbed wherever it goes. The other one is meandering like a huge,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 14 – The Twelve Principles of Love

“Inhabitation is pretty simple. All you need to do is be your dog-self. Trust and good contact with the person mean everything. By practicing these simple principles while you and Isaac gain Charlene’s and Daniel’s trust, you will simultaneously inhabit them. Slowly and carefully, you will help them raise their warmth, break the shell around... Continue Reading →

Chapter 6 – The Dog that Didn’t Trust People

"There it is! This is one huge mistake. I can’t believe what I’m hearing! And from both you and Marshall! From two of the most grounded people I’ve met in my life!” Shark’s old wounds started to split open as his old trauma of distrust started to cripple back in his newly-found life, one that he tried so hard to build on a sturdy base with devoted companions who never left his side.

But now, the fragile shell cracked through as memories flooded back to remind him of a painful past he was trying to forget.

Chapter 3 – The Troublemaker and the Student

When Daniel would call her names, she would relish the sweet irony, almost as much as the chicken leftovers she got from his microwave each Friday night: “Yup, I’m da bitch, alright!”, Pixie would snort with content, ravishing the chicken wings, covered in tiny spots of breadcrumbs over and there. 
Tonight, she got herself a nice portion of fresh eggs, enjoying the eggshells as much as the liquid yolks in the carton.
“If you ask me, I prefer veal, Daniel. But you put too much garlic on it. I can’t stand that much garlic. My tummy disapproves!”

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