Chapter 18 – Love through the Eyes of Innocence

Pixie felt shame for some of the decisions she made while being the leader of the outers. She knew too well that she was stubborn as hell sometimes and that although it served her handsomely in conflict, it created a lot of trouble when patience was required. Patience was coming in leaps and bounds from... Continue Reading →

Chapter 17 – Love is Not Magic, It's a Decision

“We must speed things up, Pixie! If you do this well, and I’m sure you will, we will spend hours together, sharing stories and contemplating life wisdom”. Marshall’s face opened in a wide grin as he started picturing his new disciple’s adventures in the future. He loved being there for someone, as he knew too... Continue Reading →

Chapter 15 – Third and Fourth Principle of Love

“But both of them are very different, Marshall. One is the black moon and the other is the golden sun. One is a wrecking ball, the other one is a dandelion in the wind. One is a forceful spring that makes its own riverbed wherever it goes. The other one is meandering like a huge,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 14 – The Twelve Principles of Love

“Inhabitation is pretty simple. All you need to do is be your dog-self. Trust and good contact with the person mean everything. By practicing these simple principles while you and Isaac gain Charlene’s and Daniel’s trust, you will simultaneously inhabit them. Slowly and carefully, you will help them raise their warmth, break the shell around... Continue Reading →

Chapter 13 – Training Pixie

As Daniel went on to prepare for his tonight’s journey into whiskey oblivion and the ruckus that followed afterward, the dogs were already on their way to Marshall to complete Pixie’s training.  Pixie was walking side by side with Isaac, her curiosity mixing with a pluckiness she had never felt before, thrilling her with excitement... Continue Reading →

Chapter 12 – Daniel’s Drinking and Violence Problem

Daniel has just finished his daily workout and sat cross-legged in front of the window, staring into the dark, at the lights dimming across from the windows of skyscrapers that were far, far away, too far from each other to offer a chance for humans that lived in them to ever encounter each other's eyes.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 11 – Two Human Knuckleheads in a Desperate Need of Dog Help

“I know it sounds complicated. We have never inhabited more than one human so far. Is it troublesome? Sure. Can we make a mess? Perhaps. But should we do it? We must do it, without a doubt!”, Isaac assured Pixie as her Spitz eyes grew with suspicion even more  “You are telling me that you... Continue Reading →

Chapter 10 – The Cohabitation Experiment

From afar, it looked like a standoff. But that was far from what Isaac and Shark intended. This time, they needed all the help they could get from Pixie. Isaac was pleased with himself. He got Marshall's approval and Shark’s word to back him up if things go awry. But this wasn’t allowed to happen.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9 – Isaac Extends the Olive Branch

Pixie noticed the two of them standing weirdly close to her own territory. She wasn't stupid. She knew that Isaac and Shark were up to something. Sitting so quiet for so long meant only one thing: they planned to trespass and she was determined to prevent that.  Shark often provoked her just for fun. To... Continue Reading →

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