3 Surprising Tips to Help You Master Communication at Work

The consumer-related and production-oriented business world we live in makes it difficult to discover the power of quietude and receptiveness to the environment. Taking action is so championed that most people find it extremely complicated to sit calm and do nothing, at least on the outside. Perhaps this is so because most job descriptions include... Continue Reading →

3 Actions Leaders Can Take to Create a Pleasant Workplace

How to Turn Your Colleagues Into Angels What does work have to do with angels? Well, at least close to the holidays, it is easier to see the symbolism of the heavenly beings. The workplace does not have much in common with the winged creatures, yet it does so with angelic qualities. People are not... Continue Reading →

10 Personality Traits of a Leader with a Flexible Mindset

A leader with a democratic mindset is what we all wish to see in our workplaces. They get more done and are more fun to be with. They are well admired and respected for the personality they show and shine with at the office. They handle conflicts well. They understand the elasticity of deadlines. Leaders... Continue Reading →

How to Have a Good Day at Work

We all want to start the day on the high note, keep up the good energy throughout the day and avoid feeling exhausted when we take a look at the day behind. And we definitely want to have sufficient energy to keep the rest of the day rolling out and pulsing vibrantly. Often, there is so much information on the topic of how to have a good day at work that it creates further unnecessary stress. Instead of just be, stay in the moment and relax, we try to do more. Is this the best way to enjoying yourself at work?


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