Basset Named Isaac Chapter 1
Image by jawestad from Pixabay

“A Basset named Issac” is a weekly book-type blog column about dogs that teach people how to love. Stay tuned for more by visiting the homepage each Monday.

Chapter 1: How Isaac Got His Name

Chapter 2: Shark, Isaac’s Best Friend

Chapter 3: The Troublemaker and the Student

Chapter 4: Demure, the Night Club with a Poorly Chosen Name

Chapter 5: Juicy Gossip in the Hood

Chapter 6: The Dog That Didn’t Trust People

Chapter 7: Matias, the Argentinian Traitor Farmer

Chapter 8: The Inception of Isaac’s Ingenious Plan to Turn Things Around

Chapter 9: Isaac Extends the Olive Branch

Chapter 10: The Cohabitation Experiment

Chapter 11: Two Human Knuckleheads in a Desperate Need of Dog Help

Chapter 12: Daniel’s Drinking and Violence Problem

Chapter 13: Training Pixie

Chapter 14: The Twelve Principles of Love

Chapter 15: Third and Fourth Principle of Love

Chapter 16: Pixie Flourishes as Her Heart Grows Bigger

Chapter 17: Love is Not Magic, It’s a Decision

Chapter 18: Love through the Eyes of Innocence

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