“Why does bullying still exist? 

Regardless of our civilized progress, why has it transformed into a social epidemic? When something causes so much trouble, why don’t we take it more seriously?

The most simple answer to all of these questions would be: because while we think that we are fighting against it, we are literally encouraging it. 

Here is a bit more complicated answer:

We are setting power traps for ourselves and for the people we love and care for. We encourage bullying by helping it feed on our powerlessness, fear, real human needs, false perceptions, rules set in stones, child-rearing standards, the trap of productivity, and values and beliefs. 

If we bring some light to these issues by digging a bit deeper, we might just go a few steps further and, who knows, perhaps even reverse the epidemic trend. But this effort will take more than participating in several quarterly parent-teacher meetings. 

We can’t deny the link between bullying and violence.

By getting more involved, we can contribute to less violence in our world. 

Some naysayers claim that the world has always been a violent and abusive place and that it will remain such forever. 

That is simply not true. 

Awareness and consistent action set by a personal example have changed traditions more than once. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Uncovering the traps we set for ourselves, one by one, is the way forward on the personal journeys we take as a collective. 

We can start by thinking of new ways to define bullying. 

Bullying is not always that obvious and it can lie hidden beneath layers of awareness, interpretations, and perceptions.”

Featured Image Credit: Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash

(Minimally edited excerpt from Understand & Disempower the Bully: You Are Good As You Are)

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