How to Understand Stray Dogs

Understanding stray dogs is not easy, mostly because we don’t understand dogs and animals in general. Another reason is that we don’t fully understand ourselves and view the world from an anthropocentric perspective. Rather than being helpful, our human-centered approach is often an obstacle to understanding stray dogs. Although we think we know a lot about the stray dog behavior, we have plenty to learn, at least when facts and figures come into consideration.

Small Dog Syndrome: When Big Attitude in a Tiny Body Causes Trouble

If you have a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, or a Maltese, you may have noticed the weird behavior called small dog syndrome. Small dog syndrome (SDS) is about dogs with an attitude. Smaller breeds suffer from this syndrome which causes them to lose discipline, bark, jump on people, disobey orders, and cause all sorts of mayhem... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9 – Isaac Extends the Olive Branch

Pixie noticed the two of them standing weirdly close to her own territory. She wasn't stupid. She knew that Isaac and Shark were up to something. Sitting so quiet for so long meant only one thing: they planned to trespass and she was determined to prevent that.  Shark often provoked her just for fun. To... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8 – The Inception of Isaac’s Ingenious Plan To Turn Things Around

All he remembered was that one day, he woke up under the debris of an old building. He was cold, wet, and hungry. There was no sign of Matias. The neighborhood has completely changed. Everything was new. Squeal and Yelp weren’t there, neither any of the other friendly faces he knew and got along well on Matias’s farm. At first, he grew incredibly anxious. Left at the city outskirts city, he was frightened and lonely. Unfamiliar faces lurked from every corner. He met dogs that were growling and people that were cursing, some of them even kicking him for no reason.

Chapter 7 – Matias, The Argentinian Traitor Farmer

Matias wasn’t happy to find Squeal, Yelp, and Shark all sloppy and covered in mud. But he was pleased that he could leave the corgi alone with the pigs without finding its sharp teeth in the pigs’ necks.  As he would keep murmuring his usual set of warnings under his beard, he would turn his... Continue Reading →

Dog is Love: The Science-Backed Fact about Dogs We Have Intuitively Known Forever

Dogs are capable of unconditional love. Many of you know that without reading exhaustive science journals. It is intuitive awareness gathered in situations when you accidentally step on a dog’s paw, drowning in guilt only to see that your dog has forgiven your poor orientation skills before you have forgiven yourself. For most of us,... Continue Reading →

Why Every Writer Should Read “The Artist’s Way” By Julia Cameron (Book Review)

Rather than following the usual format of book reviews (if there is such a thing) I like sharing the personal journey of how reading a book affected my life. I read “The Artist’s Way” a long time ago - I believe it was over a decade ago when I had to face some deep personal... Continue Reading →

Emotional Contagion: How Your Facebook Comments Feed Turns Into a War of Words

Emotional contagion on social media.

Stories about Dogs and People

How often do you decide to stay out of a Facebook discussion? Is it because you don’t have anything to say? Or is it rather because Facebook discussions turn into a war of words so quickly so that even Gandhi cannot save them?

All you have to do is to look at just one long string of comments posted anywhere online. This is especially on point if the online space is specifically designed for socially sensitive issues. You will have reached the age of enlightenment as far as social media communication is concerned. 

Online public communication is often full of spite which doesn’t have anything to do anything with the concrete discussion topic.       

Part of the comments is well-argued. Commentators stick to the subject. On the other hand,  a huge volume of Facebook or other social media comments targets the author’s look or personality.

We often ad hominem attacks…

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